City Running Tour: discover The Hague running with a guide

okt 9, 2021 | Nieuws

Get to know your own city in another way by joining a city running tour! Just arrived in The Hague? Than this is the perfect way to discover the city.

Discover The Hague while running, which will make you look at the city differently. Even if you think you already know The Hague well! Your guide will take you along the big and small stories of the city.

Join us:

  • in the Peace & Justice group tour every 1st Sunday of the month, warming-up and cooling down at the Peace Palace; 8.5K; total duration approx. 2 hours; € 40
  • in a personalized group tour, together with your running friends or colleagues
  • in a personalized individual tour

For personalized tours, the duration, the number of kilometres and the starting point are up to you! Costs are on request. You can book a personalized tour on Wednesdays, Fridays or the 1st Sunday afternoons of the month. Interested? Go to Just Running, City running tour The Hague, international city of peace and justice.

city running tour den haag

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